Mike Walker.jpg

Game: DayZ
Age: 35 (Born in 1984)
Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Languages: English & French
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Almost Brown
Build: Regular 
Occupation: Marketing, Sales & Communications


Mike Walker is a 35-year-old husband and father of 2 girls that lived in Québec, Canada. He worked in Marketing, Communications & Sales before the outbreak started. He was also a singer and guitarist until he had quit music altogether over 10 years ago. After music, his new hobby became Video Games and streaming as well as making videos for Youtube in which he showed an immense passion for. And there was one more thing he enjoyed very much besides obviously spending time with his wife and kids, was smoking weed and had done so since the age of 13, not that he would advise this to anyone. It never got in the way of his life however, in fact, most people would not even know just by looking at him that he was a pothead. He's a really nice guy always willing to help out but knows not to get taken advantage of. He's a smart man with a head on his shoulders and always able to communicate well with others. 

Mike was a huge Ben Harper Fan, which led him to many of his concerts. He would try to assist in as many concerts as possible, as long as it was affordable for him to so. Mike traveled far to see Ben's concerts. The smaller the show, the more Mike wanted to go. If he played in countries that would have a smaller crowd, Mike would want to go giving him a much better chance at perhaps meeting his idol. 

When Ben Harper announced his tour, there was a place in Poland called Łódź (Wutsh) that was scheduled to receive Ben for 1 night only. Mike thought to himself that this may just be the best chance to meet Ben in person. This place could not possibly have that many people wanting to see Ben play. He is great but a very low key artist. So Mike packed up and left for Wutsh, Poland a couple of days before the gig. He promised his family to return right after this show and because of the place. He would only be gone for 4 days, maybe 5. 

Mike arrived in Wutsh merely 1 day before Ben Harper's show and was excited to see if he could actually meet him. The day of the gig, many strange reports were surfacing about infected people and the military trying to contain some sort of virus in the area and apparently this all stemmed from another place called Chernarus in South-Zagoria but seems to have failed a while back. Mike didn't know much else but knew it was not a great idea to stick around. Was it really worth meeting Ben for this? Should I risk it? He asked himself. Mike called his wife telling her he'd be coming home sooner than expected all while explaining what was going on when all of a sudden the phone line cuts out. He didn't make much of it so he packed up his things and headed outside. On his way out of the Hotel, he noticed nobody at the desk... 

He thought it was strange but continued his way out. No taxi service, almost no cars around. He didn't understand. Where did all the people go? He started walking towards the main roads and can start hearing gunfire and screaming so he hides and tries to wait for things to cool down. As he hides inside a shed behind a house, he can hear footsteps walking towards him. He stays quiet and waits... 

No more sound is heard. He slowly opens the door trying to avoid as much sound as possible. As he peeks through the door crack an infected person growls at him and lunges at Mike. Mike is pinned down on the ground inside the shed with an infected on him. He clearly doesn't know what is going on and tries to talk to this person. Obviously, no answer, just what seems to be a man trying to bite Mike. Luckily, Mike was able to push him off and started to run, leaving his things behind as he had no choice. 

He kept traveling as far as he could from the carnage but it became difficult and tiring. The stress levels were through the roof. But somehow, he managed to continue on. Figuring a little more out about the “infected” as he calls them. How to deal with them and what they are. Over a year go by as he continues to travel not really knowing where to go or what to do and food is getting harder to find, Mike is becoming desperate and tries to hold up a person for food. He never thought he could do something like this but he felt like he had no other choice.

Things went wrong really fast. The person Mike was holding up had another friend who surprised him from behind and knocking him out. Tied up and defenseless somewhere in the woods, Mike looks up at the 2 men as they were getting ready to beat Mike severely. A couple of punches start to the gut and face… Mike is helpless as he takes it all in thinking this would be his last day. If only he could see the picture of his family one more time… Suddenly, someone shoots the 2 men. Unknown to any as to who it could be. The mysterious man comes out of the woods towards Mike, he cannot see his face as it’s covered up, the man doesn’t talk as he cuts Mike free. As Mike is thanking him, the man says “Come with me, you look hungry”.

Mike, thinking he was about to die, decides to follow the man. It was this or die of starvation. Of course, Mike was hesitant but why would this man help him he thought. From this point on, Mike stuck with him as this man showed him how to do many things to survive but the one thing these 2 had most in common was their love for weed. This man was actually very good at growing it and reproducing it, even during these hard times. So that’s what they did, they grew. The man showed Mike how to do it all. Sure Mike smoked a lot of weed, but he didn’t grow it before.  But this, this was a game-changer. Weed was no longer an issue for Mike. However, he noticed that the Man would often leave, he didn't stick around as much as Mike would like. 

But it’s nothing Mike questioned. This man saved and helped Mike survive and gave him the gift of growing Weed. But one day, The Man told him that there was something important to do. Mike had to go to Livonia just south of where they were at the time and help grow and trade weed since there were recent sightings of people living there. It was important to him that the weed helped others for medicinal reasons, and Mike agreed. The Man helped Mike set up in his new home and farm in Livonia and soon after leaving to go do whatever he did. But before leaving he said he would be in contact with Mike to make sure he had more stock and everything was okay but also said he would task Miek with specific lists of items to trade weed for and this was important. Mike, of course, agrees and finally settles in his new home.

Trying to survive the new world by staying functionally high and focused on what he needs to do while helping people with the natural benefits of weed and it’s many strains. But nothing can make him forget the old life he used to have, a regular guy who loves his wife and daughters. Mike has made peace with the fact he will never see them again… at least not until death.