Gaming Roach Entertainment which is essentially me (Roach), started off as a Youtube channel that showcases some TV-Styled series of episodes based on DayZ which has now expanded to the Grand Theft Auto V world as well. Each season has full story arcs from start to finish and is meant to feel like you are watching a television show. GRE has also expanded onto Twitch with some streams so you can watch LIVE and join in on the fun. All of the above is thanks to the amazing roleplayers involved that make all that you will watch possible. So in a way, GRE is a one-man operation but at heart, it's a lot more than just me, it's everyone... including the viewers. 


I'm Roach, 35 years old from Quebec, Canada (yeah, I'm a Frenchy). I am lucky enough to have a beautiful family of my own with 2 kids (soon to be 3) and a wonderful wife that supports my hobby. I have a real passion for streaming but mostly creating Youtube content. There's just something about editing a video that relaxes me. But I really enjoy streaming for the great company in chat. I was a touring singer/guitarist for 10 years and loved every minute of it but the music bizz is tough and one day you have to make a choice... I chose my family and got a "real job" to properly support them. It's when I developed my passion/hobby for Content Creation. I love doing and will continue to do so for as long as I can.